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new kitchen cabinets installation by Kingsley Homes custom home builder

Get the best from your home – now, not just before you sell or move.

Remodeling is increasingly popular as families move less, build ties in the community and want to leverage their investment in their current home.

Kingsley Homes began more than fifteen years ago, purchasing and rehabbing properties that respected the tradition and style of 19th and 20th century architects.

With more than 100 remodels to our credit, we learned how to keep the integrity of your home intact while incorporating modern, functional materials and other elements to improve convenience, function and style. A fresh kitchen, bath or family room adds so much to your family’s daily routine.

Why wait to enjoy everything your home has to offer? Eliminate the surprise expense and worry that inevitably comes with old or out-dated materials.

Remodeling can be disruptive to your family’s busy routine so we make sure to keep our promises, work cleanly and efficiently, with no hidden costs or add-ons.
Kingsley can provide you end-to-end remodeling services, including architectural drawings, interior design consultation on color palettes and materials, and builder discounts on the latest appliances and lighting options.

Artisan cabinetry and hand-made quality.
Click our page on Kingsley Craft Cabinetry, a unique resource for heirloom quality Amish carpentry and craftsmanship.

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