kitchen hardware for kitchen remodel by KIngsley Homes custom home builder
Beauty more
than skin deep.

Most of us could not live today without the convenience technology has bestowed. However, many still remember, and appreciate, hand-made craftsmanship.

Several years ago, Scott Oppelt was looking for some hand-crafted cabinets for a 19th century home remodeling project.

Fine woodworking is a specialty quickly disappearing from mainstream construction. The Amish communities in Missouri and Illinois have long been recognized for their hand-made quality, born of tradition and expressed with vintage tools and technique.

Kingsley Craft Cabinetry is your best St Louis resource for authentic, Amish woodworking and heirloom quality custom cabinets. No machines--just hand-crafted, heritage skills passed from father-to-son. And now to you.


Modern Utility
and Craftsman Details

  • Full or Partial Overlay
  • Inset drawers and doors
  • 5/8 inch dovetail drawer–box or ½ inch plywood half-lap
  • Drawers 100# Rated
  • Full extension glides, plus “Soft-Close” option for doors and drawers
  • No particle board or veneers
  • U.V. inside cabinet treatment for moisture protection

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