new granite counter top detail by Kingsley Homes custom home builder
At Kingsley Homes we design, build and remodel homes to suit both your functional and aesthetic needs, with complete trust and confidence in the quality of materials and craftsmanship.

With over fifteen years’ experience in St Louis real estate, design, construction and remodeling, the Kingsley team builds homes with heart.

Scott Oppelt, owner of Kingsley Homes, takes pride in his ability to combine old world craftsmanship with the beauty, convenience, safety and aesthetics of modern materials. With Kingsley you can build and remodel with a wide variety of natural woods and finishes, trim with the latest natural stone, masonry or composite materials.

Pleasing design and functional living are compatible in every Kingsley home.

Our construction includes fine woodworking details along with easy-maintenance solutions, unique lighting options and stylish, energy-efficient appliances to satisfy eat-out or eat-in chefs.

For more information on Kingsley’s New Home Construction, Remodeling and Craft Cabinetry from our Amish carpenters.

We hope to see you soon.